Test Lab

QAssistance Company offers its customers an independent software testing service that will allow you to manage the quality of your products at all stages of its development.
Our specialists conduct both full cycle of testing the finished product and testing of individual blocks and modules at the stage of their creation. We use all modern testing methods, both manual and automated, by considering the testing strategy individually for each client, analyzing the expectations and requirements that are put before the final product. We will help to make the work of any your software or computer game, mobile or web-application, online store or corporate database irreproachable.

Software testing is of great importance, since it can give a definitive answer to the question of whether the software has all the declared functional capabilities and whether it meets the business goals of your company. Also, testing analyzes the degree of security of incoming data from third-party access, the ergonomics of interfaces and usability, the absence of errors in the program code, the system’s performance under maximum and expected loads, the functional completeness of the product, the correctness of work in different software environments and hardware solutions.

We provide the following types of testing:

— productivity testing – it is a complex check-up of the software at all development and application cycles. Stability of your software operation under different load is conditioned with the “load” testing; Volumetric testing checks work with increasing volume of incoming data; Configuration testing allows you to evaluate the behavior of the product when changing the configuration environment; An evaluation of the performance under long-term load of the expected level will give a stability check, and stress testing will determine the maximum software load and assess the stability of the system. Such integrated testing will be especially useful for owners of online stores, large network portals, corporate systems, social networks, mobile application developers and SaaS solutions;

— security testing provides an assessment of the security of the system, identifies its vulnerabilities, analyzes them and chooses ways to eliminate them, conducts break-in checks, unauthorized access, resistance to DoS attacks, reduces the risk of data loss and increases the security of online transactions;

— Functional testing is a test of the functionality of individual modules and the entire system as a whole in manual or automated mode at any stage of development or implementation. We ensure the quality of your products and their compliance with the stated requirements;

— Usability testing will help you to answer the questions about the software’s compliance with user’s expectations: whether the interface is understandable, whether navigation is convenient, how quickly and easily the user adapts (comprehends) the environment of using new software. Also, usability testing will help determining the user’s behavior correspondence to the business objectives of the project, what impression the product created, which routes the user chooses and how well the feedback is working;

— Testing of web applications includes testing of functionality — the correct operation of all system components; performance — stable operation under expected and maximum loads; Compatibility – correct operation in any software and hardware environment; usability — convenience and clarity of work with the software from the end user side; security — protection of the software against unauthorized access and data theft.

— testing of the mobile applications – allows to check the performance of the software at changing the network connection parameters; to detect the functional malfunctions at different user’s actions; to determine the technical aspects of performance at applying at the different devices; to check the compatibility with the main types and version of the OS; mobile devices and separate functional elements; to analyze the work of the software in multi-tasking using a mobile device; Verify usability and software security;

-compatibility testing-evaluates the operation of software on hardware of various configurations and in interaction with other products. This includes cross-browser and cross-platform testing ..