Games and book design

Services provided
I draw black-and-white and color illustrations to order: I develop concepts for games and book design, as well as detailed work on an already prepared sketch or from scratch
Styles — fantasy, dark fantasy, flat illustration, cartoon (and animation) and incompletely realistic (art for casual games principle)
I develop characters mostly cartoonish, robots and cute little animals come also awesome
I draw graphics for computer games: concept art, sketches, locations, backgrounds, interfaces, illustrations, icons, development of objects of game scenes in various projections (Characters, elements of locations, equipment, costumes, etc.).
I create icons for games, programs, sites.

Specificity of the artist’s services is such that the payment for each project is calculated individually. It can be piecework or time-based.
The cost of a piece-rate payment is calculated according to your task. If the technical assignment you have on hand is not possible to discuss in detail in the negotiation process
Tariff of time-based payment — $ 11 per hour

Terms and conditions of work
Describe the problem. Clarify the unclear points.
You get a sketch (not more than sketches). We discuss, I make edits, if they are needed.
Make a prepayment. Prepayment is 30% of the project budget. I will be glad to receive payment by transferring to the PrivatBank card. However, there are always alternative options.
Finalize the sketch before the final image. Confirm it.
I make the final image. I throw it off in poor quality
You pay the work in full.
Get the final result in a file (files). If necessary, I make edits.

I draw on the Wacom graphics tablet in the programs: Adobe Photoshop

Time to work on drafts, sketches for the project — from 1 day.
The larger the project, the more time it will take to reach the necessary concept and approve it, if it was not done earlier.
Then we proceed to finalize the selected sketches before the final.
With impatience I wait for your ideas to pay them in life

About me:
My name is Evgenia Gavrish
I’m a 2d-artist and a painter-illustrator, adoring creating stunning worlds
I specialize in illustrations, graphics for games, icons. More about this — in the section «Services».
I have a profile University Degree.
Always in touch and in anticipation of incredible ideas to implement them and create a whole virtual world

Advantages of cooperation:
Profile education, significant work experience and constant generation of new ideas allow me to create quality products quickly.
I successfully solve the tasks assigned to me and do not fear difficulties
Always ready to improve your product
I work in many genres and styles.
Ready to draw exactly what you need, based on your wishes and the specifics of the target audience.
My works and their quality will tell me more about me. Than any text)
Professional approach.
Comfortable conditions of cooperation.
Reasonable prices
And there is always the opportunity to agree and come to a compromise)